Mission Statement


Social Anxiety Awareness Network wants for social anxiety sufferers everywhere to have opportunities to make real meaningful connections and have equally meaningful new experiences. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, but everyone needs people in their lives. Social interaction helps us learn; learn about ourselves, about different people and different cultures. Research shows that people who socialize and have steady meaningful conversations are happier in their lives overall.

Having social anxiety can make attaining any of these things a difficult and daunting task. But just because you lack social skills, have a social phobia, or are too intimidated by people, doesn’t mean you have to be destined to a life of little social interaction. Everyone deserves happiness and we believe a key part of happiness is loving yourself and having loving people around you.

As a person with social anxiety it can certainly be challenging to put yourself out there to try new things. “How will people perceive you while you’re trying said new thing? Are you doing it wrong? Do you look stupid? Are you going to fail? I’m definitely going to fail, why even bother.” These are some common negative thoughts to run through the mind of someone who has anxiety. What if you could try new things with people who feel the same way as you? Who understand the fear of judgment from onlookers. People who through encouraging you and supporting you also help themselves in the process.

Social Anxiety Awareness Network strives to create an environment where fellow anxious people can come together in a judgment free zone to:

  • Talk among peers about your anxiety and how it affects you.
  • Listen to others and offer your support.
  • Discuss treatment options and how they’ve benefited others.
  • Make new friends.
  • Feel great about yourself for making connections.
  • Completely “no strings attached” social events & meets.
  • A more comfortable social setting due to being among fellow anxious/awkward people.
  • The ability to be a quiet onlooker without being prodded to be more involved.
  • Open discussions to express your feelings without fear of being judged.
  • Always hosted by a fellow anxiety sufferer.

We are a discrimination free network. All races, sexes, religions etc. are always welcome. Any bullying or attempts at degradation will never be tolerated from other members. Positivity and compassion is our first and foremost concern.

There is always an open channel for communication. If ever you need to contact us with any questions or concerns I urge you not to hesitate. We know it can be hard to reach out when you have social anxiety, but I’ll say it again, there is absolutely ZERO judgment. We welcome any of your feedback and love to hear from members regarding anything you wish to talk about. Whether it be to inquire about volunteering to host your own meets, or if you just need to grab the ear of someone you know understands what you’re going through.

That being said, we’re looking to expand! We need people who are willing to commit a bit of time once or twice a month to hosting events and/or meets in their area. We will help guide you through what you need to do and be available to you for any concerns you might have. If you have someone you can couple up with to help you host them that is more than okay, it’s encouraged. Having the emotional support of each other is a great way to fight against the anxiety you might have from running a meet. If you think you have any other skills that would be helpful to our cause, I do hope you get in contact with us.

Join us!