Support Group

Through our support group we host a multitude of events and meets for all of our socially anxious members to attend. We do ask for RSVP's for reservations, but you're never required to stick to your RSVP. No shows are accepted and common. This no strings attached approach is a breathe of fresh air for those of us who have trouble committing to plans. We encourage you to speak about how you're feeling when you arrive, talking about your anxiety helps release the tension and make you more comfortable. 

All of our get together's are hosted by someone with social anxiety. You never have to worry about being judged by someone who doesn't understand why you might be quiet, fidgeting, or averting eye contact. This is all expected. 

The online aspect of our support group is tremendously helpful as well. We provide an open forum for you to express your feelings, stories, ask for advice etc. This, too, is a judgment free zone and no bullying, harassment, or discrimination is tolerated. The group is closely monitored. 

To join our online support group go to our private Facebook group here. This is the only platform we have for the support group as of right now. Everything is completely private and only members can see posts, members, events, etc. Anonymity is important to us and to our members, please keep this in mind. 

We hope to soon have a forum up and running as another form of online communication as well as an app for events.

So what are you waiting for? Join us and our amazing group of anxious/awkward humans.


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